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Idir defended his national identity once again at "Le Zénith" in Paris in the spring of 2001 at the "21st Berber Spring", a celebration of Berber culture. And on July 8, he organised a special fund-raising concert to support the population in Kabylie when anti-government riots rocked the cradle of Berber culture in the summer of 2001. Idir was joined by a number of stars and thousands of Algerian and French fans who turned out to "Le Zénith" to support the population in Kabylie.

“The Wings Of The Dragon”
“I’m Not The Only One”
“Calling For You”
“Don’t Be Afraid”
“Silver Moon”
“The Last Lament Of A Fairy”
“The New Times”
“Forget Your Sorrow”
“The Fifth Season”
“The Passion”
“I Will Be For Ever”
“Behind The Mist”
“You Don’t Know”
“You Are The Sunshine”
“There Is Someone”
“Dun Aengus II”

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Ps: It closes the album "Poet & Peasant" a masterpiece if it would be recorded by Rick Wakeman. But here it fails miserable. social review comments | Review Permalink
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Alan Stivell AgainAlan Stivell AgainAlan Stivell AgainAlan Stivell Again